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Sponsorship Opportunities

Please select one or more Sponsorships and indicate the number of months or years to sponsor the activity.
Birthday Party
Monthly entertainment & refreshments for one year.
# of years
Coffee Bar
Covers monthly expenses for Coffee Bar for seniors & caregivers.
# of months
Bingo for Prizes Sponsor
Provides fun prizes at our weekly bingo event.
# of months
Arts and Crafts Sponsor
Helps with costs of needed supplies for arts and crafts activities.
# of years
Christmas Party Sponsor
Provides refreshments, prizes and entertainment for our seniors Christmas party.
# of years
Volunteer Appreciation Sponsor
Provides entertainment, prizes & certificates funding for volunteer appreciation events.
# of Events
Trip Sponsor
Helps cover costs of day trips for our seniors.
# of Events
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Thank you for supporting the Golden Gate Senior Center. Gifts are deductible for income tax purposes to the extent allowed by IRS rules. Please make your check payable to Collier Senior Resources and return by mail to:

Collier Senior Resources
4898 Coronado Pkwy
Naples, FL 34116

We understand the importance of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the seniors and caregivers who visit the Golden Gate Senior Center. With this in mind, we and our employees will respect and abide by Collier Senior Resources’ guidelines of non-solicitation, HIPAA privacy, and client confidentiality. We understand that we may display brochures at the Center and depending on the level of sponsorship, be invited to provide one 30-minute educational session during the month of sponsorship.