In November 2014, Collier Senior Resources (CSR) opened the Golden Gate Senior Center in the former Golden Gate Library.  Thanks to wide-spread community support, the library was transformed to become a bright, cheery, spacious and well-attended senior center where all are welcome.

Senior Center Staff

Tatiana Fortune, M.S.W., Senior Center Director
Activities/Volunteer Coordinator
Auguste Delinois, Senior Center Staff Assistant

Board of Directors

Jim Barton, Chair

George Barry, Esq.
Bill Buchanan

Adam Gross, Esq.
Mark Hahn, MSW
Sheila Harris-Schutz
Mike Isermann, Treasurer
Rick Jennewine

Tom O’Reilly, Vice Chair
Kevin Rambosk, Sheriff
Joan Sehdev, MD

Vivian Shea, Secretary

Board Emeriti

Mary Baron

Tom Gleason

Lavigne Ann Kirkpatrick, RN
Jim Klug
Harriet Lancaster
Jacquelyn Pierce