Collier Senior Resources (CSR) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to providing comprehensive information, services and resources for seniors and their caregivers. In 2010, Collier Senior Resources was founded by the Community Foundation of Collier County who determined that low-income seniors were at great risk.  Collier County was the only county in Florida without any type of senior resource center while our area had one of the highest populations of those over the age of 65.

CSR embraces collaboration between like-minded organizations who are focused on older adults and caregivers.  With this in mind and thanks to the efforts and support of Collier Senior Resources, the Leadership Coalition on Aging (LCA) includes over 40 local agencies and non-profit organizations dedicated to seniors and caregivers in our community.  LCA meets monthly; it is an active and enthusiastic coalition seeking new solutions to serve our seniors.

Progress is being made for seniors in our community!  

  • Collier Senior Resources leases the old Golden Gate Library to offer resources and services to seniors and their caregivers.  At the October 2013 Board of County Commissioners meeting, Collier Senior Resources (CSR) received approval to use the old Golden Gate library facility as a Senior Center on an interim basis to further demonstrate the need and develop programs and services that are truly desired by the community.  In October 2016, the initial three-year lease was renewed for nine or more years.
  • CSR partnered with Experience Works and most recently with AARP Foundation, charitable, community-based organizations sponsored by the State of Florida focused on meeting the training and employment needs of low income seniors.  Working with AARP Foundation and collaborating with dozens of agencies who are members of the Leadership Coalition on Aging-Collier County, CSR provides information, resources, programs and services to older adults and their caregivers in the old Golden Gate Library that was completely renovated to meet the needs of a Senior Center.
  • CSR partners with Catholic Charities-Collier County, an outstanding, prominent agency that is well-established in Golden Gate and stepped forward to provide professional oversight, payroll processing services, and personnel support for the staff. 
  • CSR collaborates with Meals of Hope to provide a weekly food pantry for all in need and with the Collier County nutrition program to provide a daily hot lunch for seniors who qualify.
  • Two independent, landmark studies have been completed:
    • Leadership Coalition on Aging—Naples Area Senior Needs Assessment conducted by Florida Gulf Coast University, Department of Social Work
    • Collier County Community Health Assessment 2013 conducted by Joan Colfer, MD MPH, Collier Health Department

Some of the highlights of The Leadership Coalition on Aging—Naples Area Senior Needs Assessment that identified the need for senior access center(s) and services as follows:

  • Information and referral services
  • Self-help support groups for caregivers, Alzheimer’s/dementia patients and families
  • Health screenings
  • Companionship and socialization opportunities
  • Transportation to/from the center(s)
  • Lifestyle improvements: household repair services, food pantry, and help with bills and insurances
  • Intergenerational programs bringing young and old together to learn and share.

In 2014, Collier Senior Resources in partnership with Catholic Charities of Collier County, hired Program Director, Tatiana Fortune M.S.W. who is a delightful, talented and enthusiastic member of our team.  She is a Masters prepared Social Worker who is originally from Haiti and is fluent in English and Creole. 

The Golden Gate Senior Center opened on November 19, 2014, with the County’s daily hot lunch program, job placement and training for out-of-work, low-income seniors, and a weekly Meals of Hope food pantry for all in need.

Collier Senior Resources partners with numerous organizations to provide programs, socialization and convenient access to agency personnel such as Catholic Charities social services, Sheriff’s Office, Veteran’s Services, transportation, Area Agency on Aging and many others.  More than 100 different programs and activities are offered each month, at no cost to the seniors who participate.

Educational seminars, support groups and events for older adults and caregivers provide needed and valuable knowledge and resources.  Since isolation and loneliness are significant problems, the Golden Gate Senior Center offers arts, crafts, music, games, computer classes, exercise, gathering, recreational and developmental opportunities for seniors.

Tatiana Fortune M.S.W., Senior Center Director, volunteers and staff are knowledgeable, helpful and available to answer questions and find solutions.  The Center embraces a ‘no wrong door’ philosophy ensuring that anyone who visits will find the information and resources needed; staff and volunteers are fluent in English, Spanish and Creole.

Please stop by for a visit!  The Golden Gate Senior Center is located at 4898 Coronado Parkway, Naples, FL  34116.