In November 2014, Collier Senior Resources (CSR) opened the Golden Gate Senior Center in the former Golden Gate Library.  Thanks to wide-spread community support, the library was transformed to become a bright, cheery, spacious and well-attended senior center where all are welcome.

Senior Center Staff

Tatiana Fortune, M.S.W., Senior Center Director
Tery Pupo-Delgado, Activities/Volunteer Coordinator
Auguste Delinois, Senior Center Staff Assistant

Board of Directors

Jim Barton, Chair
Bill Buchanan
Tom Gleason
Mark Hahn, MSW
Sheila Harris-Schutz
Mike Isermann, Treasurer
Rick Jennewine
Bethann Kassman
Lavigne Ann Kirkpatrick, RN, Secretary
Jim Klug, Vice Chair
Harriet Lancaster
Kevin Rambosk
Joan Sehdev, MD

Board Emeritae

Mary Baron
Jacquelyn Pierce